Yesseo Blog Founder

Hi! My name is Yesseo, I am the creator of this blog. I lived in the UK for many years at a marketing firm, but was born and raised in South Korea. I have always loved skincare and cosmetics and decided to start this blog with my friends, most of them are expats living in Korea, so we have lots of different perspectives when it comes to reviews!

- Look at me Glow
- Look at me Glow

Beckie Blog Editor

Hi! My name is Beckie. I have been living in South Korea for two years now after studying here in 2017. I met Yesseo in the UK while I was looking for language exchange buddies when studying Korean! We have been great friends since, and I was so excited when she asked me to start contributing and editing her blog! I have always struggled with Acne and I am on a quest to find the best Korean Skincare for my skin!

Ennie Blog Contributor

My name is Ennie, and I’m living in South Korea. I have a strong desire to experiment with various make-up and skin-care products. Korean skincare, in particular, because it is the best suitable for my sensitive skin. I also enjoy tracking out and testing items that my favorite actors and celebrities have used.  

- Look at me Glow
- Look at me Glow

Shez Blog Contributor

Hi there! I am a traveller at heart and have been based in many countries such as Australia, UK and now South Korea. As a lover of beauty, especially skincare for more than 10 years now, I will be sharing my experiences with you all and hopefully it will also help you along the way!

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